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In this chapter, an overview of the literature around aspiring senior leadership as well as aspiring senior leadership in the Irish and international context is examined.

In this article, Dr. Fiona King, a primary teacher for over 25 years, states her key commitments are to meet the needs of diverse learners, to enable all learners to have a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement.

This paper reports on a study which focussed on the contribution to leadership made by SETs whose role includes the overall coordination of SEN provision, and also those who support school principals by informally contributing to the coordination of this essential aspect of school life. The study was carried out at a time of significant transition in special education in Ireland, during 2017, when the revised model of resource allocation was about to be implemented.

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Niamh is a Lecturer in Educational Leadership and course director of the Master of Education in School Leadership programme in the School of Education at the University of Limerick. Her research interests include topics pertaining to educational leadership and organisational psychology. She is actively researching educator-targeted bullying, the integration of Ukraine refugees into the Irish school system, and the affective nature of leadership

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