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Trudy Arthurs

Region(s) North Dublin, Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Meath-South Dublin, West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

Qualifications and Affiliations

December 2011: awarded Merit in Executive Coach Practitioner Diploma (Academy ofExecutive Coaching) Accredited by University of Middlesex, AC, EMCC and ICF.
Various coaching and other professional development qualifications 2001-2018
AoEC Train the Trainer 2012-13
Various Somatic and Embodiment professional development qualifications 2015-2018
Assistant Faculty Member Academy of Executive Coaching London and Ireland
Association for Coaching, Ireland
Former President of Holywood Chamber of Commerce
Senior Consultant, Taylor Clarke Partnership/AoEC Ireland

Experience in one to one coaching

Coaching professionally since 2002, I have been part of the CSL/Taylor Clarke Coaching Team since 2017. In that time I’ve had the honour of working with nine Principals and some of their teams.

Although I’m a Kilkenny Cat, I’ve lived in Co Down for nearly 30 years. Prior to that I had a whirlwind of professional experiences in Dublin, London, New York, Zurich and Frankfurt.

Following recovery from a diagnosis of aggressive cancer in 2000, I found coaching the best way to help regain my confidence, reduce stress in my life and simply begin to enjoy life in the here and now.

Results which my Principal and other clients have achieved include:

• Deeper levels of self-trust, self-confidence and resilience
• Enhanced relationship management skills
• Strengthened personal and team leadership skills
• Integration of basic coaching principles, leading to clearer and more effective outcomes
• Time to think, plan and strategise in peace and quiet

Typical challenges faced by clients have included:
• Lack of ability to say no without feeling guilty, leading to overwhelm, poor self-care and potential burnout
• Challenging professional relationships
• Lack of time to effectively think and plan
• Trying to be all things to all people, leading to potential health problems
• Particularly in the past year, time to think about how to successfully steer their school through the impact of Covid-19

Along with my individual School Principal and leadership team coaching experience, my executive coaching clients have come from a wide range of sectors including Government, Police Service of Northern Ireland, hospitality and healthcare. My approach encompasses compassionate confidence, mindfulness and somatic awareness. Clients are investing time, money, energy and reputation when they choose to work with me, and I honour that by offering a practical, flexible, focussed and supportive environment. I’ve also been told my occasionally quirky humour helps as well.

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