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Aileen Gleeson

Region(s) North Dublin, Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Meath-South Dublin, West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

Qualifications and Affiliations

MSC in Business and Executive Coaching (Smurfit Business School, UCD) – focus on business and executive coaching, psychology as it applies to coaching and team coaching
Certificate in Management (Smurfit Business School, UCD)
BA in International Marketing and Languages (French and German)
EQi 2.0 - emotional intelligence psychometrics
Rocket Model – team diagnostic instrument
Team Diagnostic Survey – team diagnostic instrument
Systemic Constellations
Membership and coaching accreditation with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Membership of the Institute of Directors (Ireland)

Experience in one to one coaching

I started my own coaching business in 2015, but my passion for learning and developing others was ignited much earlier. After university I lived and worked in Germany for 10 years: for seven of those I worked with teams and individuals to help them drive large organisational change – coaching was core to that approach. In this role I worked across many European countries, and found it fascinating to learn and work with different cultures. Returning to Ireland, I applied a coaching approach as a senior manager in Microsoft, led coaching circles, and developed bespoke training for our team.

Since 2015 I have coached clients from both the public and private sectors, at all leadership levels. I see my role as creating a safe supportive space for my clients to explore and learn. I work organically with what comes up in the session, dipping into my toolkit to offer creative/different ways of working on the topic. I believe that whilst coaching can be challenging, it should equally be enjoyable, and I marry support, humour, and challenge in my approach.

Examples of recent clients:
• Trinity College Dublin (executive & team coaching on MBA programmes)
• UCD (coach practice tutor for executive development programmes)
• HSE (leadership feedback debriefing and coaching)
• Private clients in public sector (e.g. teachers, Senior Architect in OPW, Manager in DPER)
• Third sector and private sector (e.g. CEO, EAPC; CEO, Ava Housing; General Manager, Insurance)

The challenges faced in working in education are familiar to me through personal, family members’, and private clients’ experiences. Some themes I regularly work with in coaching are:

• Leading and managing people/teams
• Improving performance
• Managing work life balance
• Driving transformational change
• Conflict management, managing difficult conversations, problem solving
• Confidence and resilience
• Managing stress
• Authentic leadership and presence
• Emotional Intelligence

I look forward to working with you!

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