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Michael O’Connell


Region(s) South Dublin, West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

Qualifications and Affiliations

Diploma in Executive Coaching, IMI 1996
Diploma in Employment Law, UCD 2002
MSc. Creativity and Innovation (Specialising in Creative Leadership & Innovation) , Buffalo State College, New York 2014
Msc Business Administration, Trinity College Dublin 1996
Certified Diploma in Accounting & Finance, 1987
Qualified Level A & B Psychometrics

Association of Coaching, UK.

Experience in one to one coaching

Michael has coached extensively at both organisational and individual level and brings the full breadth and depth of his qualifications and experience to each coaching engagement. He has coached senior leaders from public, private and multi-national organisations and consistently delivers concrete and tangible outcomes for his clients.

Michael is an astute partner and advisor who ensures that his clients decisions are shrewd, prudent and appropriate to their organisation and position. He has an excellent track record and motivates clients to move beyond self-imposed limitations to achieve new levels of performance and maximise job satisfaction.

Michael’s engaging, probing and pragmatic approach helps clients to chart a clear course of action with realistic goals and expectations.

Michael has specialist expertise in:
• Performance Management
• Conflict Management & Resolution
• Employee Relations & Internal Communication
• Strategy Development

“Timing is everything and I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Michael at a critical juncture in my career. The company had undergone significant change which left a legacy of low morale and poor performance among several of my team. Michael worked with me to develop different approaches for navigating this challenging journey and gave me a toolset I will never be without. In a very short space of time I witnessed the changes in the team dynamics and performance and I would enthusiastically endorse Michael for your executive coaching needs.
Senior Leader, Large Multi-National.

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