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Joe Whelehan

Region(s) Cork, Kerry, Limerick

Qualifications and Affiliations

• MSc. in Personal and Management Coaching;
• Member of the International Coaching Federation;
• Registered Member of the British Psychological Society as tester for Ability and Personality Assessments including 15FQ+ Personality Profiles, Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM), Jung Type Indicators (JTI), and Emotional Intelligence profile.
• BCL Degree;

Experience in one to one coaching

Joe is a highly experienced leadership & management coach with a broad range of coaching and personal management experience across the public, private and charitable sectors. He has over 30 years’ experience in developing and leading people in the public and private sectors and is particularly strong in the transition from vocational to management roles, an area in which he has considerable personal and professional experience. A former Naval Officer and business executive, he owns and runs his own coaching and training consultancy working with all levels of management in organisations.

Joe tailors his approach to that which suits the client best, employing an open and non-judgmental approach, combined with appropriate coaching tools. In this way, by regarding each person as a unique individual, Joe helps his clients to identify and implement the solutions that are appropriate to them as individuals in their particular, unique circumstances.

Joe is particularly adept in helping clients who are

• Going through a Transition (e.g. moving to a new role, developing a new working culture and environment)

• Seeking support on specific challenges (e.g., managing conflict, having the difficult conversations with colleagues, managing teams, developing better Emotional Intelligence, moving upwards into new roles within the same group);

• Preparing and implementing career development plans;

• Dealing with personally challenging situations;

• Focused on Performance management (identifying, setting and achieving personal goals - sporting and non-sporting, personal and team oriented)

Recent successful and ongoing one to one coaching assignments include providing one to one coaching support to selected clients managing redundancy; providing one to one executive coaching to senior managers transitioning into expanded national roles; and providing one to one coaching support to a group of managers promoted into new internal management roles.