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Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

Region(s) Cork, Kerry, Limerick

Qualifications and Affiliations

Qualifications and Affiliations:

  •             MSc. in Personal and Management Coaching, UCC.
  •             Diploma in Life and Business Coaching.
  •             Member of Association for Coaching.
  •             Executive MBA, UCC.
  •              B.Sc., Applied Physics, UCG.
  •        Registered Member of British Psychological Society as tester for Ability and Personality Assessments, including 15FQ+ Personality Profiles, Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM), Jung Type Indicators (JTI), and Emotional Intelligence profile.

Leadership and Management Coach

Experience: Mark is a respected Leader and Coach, with over 30 years’ experience of managing people and organisations, including General Management and Group Director responsibilities. He has a very successful record in change management, project implementation and performance improvement. He has been engaged in Coaching since 2004 and has been practicing as a full-time Leadership/Executive coach since 2014 ( He is a trusted professional, perceptive, supportive and challenging.

For the past year Mark has worked successfully with many school Principals, both primary and secondary, as their leadership and personal coach and has received consistently excellent feedback.

Mark believes in lifelong learning and enjoys mentoring and encouraging others to develop their abilities. He also lectures with U.C.C. in the areas of Coaching, Mentoring and Change Management, focused on developing leaders. Mark provides Leadership Coaching to public and private sector organisations, covering the Education, Scientific, Commercial and Technology sectors. Most clients come from middle or senior managerial ranks, with significant leadership responsibility.

Other Recent assignments include:

·     ICT Multinational: Provision of one-to-one coaching to group of managers, identified as high-potential leaders - designed specifically to support them in realising that potential.

·         H.S.E.: Supporting their ‘Future Leaders Programme’ through provision of one-to-one leadership coaching.

·         Eurofins-Scientific Multinational: Individual leadership and management coaching to emerging leaders and those undergoing transition.

Coaching Approach: Mark uses a solution-focused approach, on the basis that Clients have the capability to construct the best solution when supported by a structured process and a competent, non-judgemental Coach. Where Clients require space to communicate their situations and relay their own story, Mark uses his adept listening skills and empathic approach, allowing Clients to set the scene in their own way and listening intently to build context and understanding.

Specialisation:           Clients who are:

·       Going through Transition or appointed to new role

·       Seeking clarity and guidance in dealing with multiple demands of work and life

·       Endeavouring to Lead and Inspire others


·       Seeking support on specific Business or Individual issues or goals 

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