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Quality Assurance

The Centre for School Leadership (CSL) is charged with supporting the design, development and delivery of quality professional learning for school leaders. CSL has a responsibility to bring coherence, consistency and structure to the wide and increasingly expansive leadership professional learning landscape by quality assuring this learning. Our quality assurance process is designed to deliver this coherence and structure, and incorporates a framework for approval of professional learning programmes. This framework sets out the standards by which the leadership programmes and other activities will be evaluated in order to meet the approval of CSL. The framework, along with the Quality Framework for Schools (Leadership and Management), published in “Looking at our School 2016” will underpin the approval and evaluation of leadership programmes.

In 2017 CSL commenced the pilot phase of this quality assurance process. As part of the pilot phase we are publishing this Quality Assurance Handbook and Application Form on our website. The pilot phase will be completed by early 2018 and will then be reviewed.
We will update the Handbook and Application Form in spring 2018 in light of the learning from the pilot.