What is CSL Mentoring?

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Mentoring is described as 'a process designed to support and encourage professionals to manage their own learning, maximise their potential, develop their skills and improve their performance.’ (Mentoring Matters, Scotland).

The Centre for School Leadership provides a formal mentoring support for all newly-appointed primary and post-primary principals for their first year in the role.

The CSL vision of mentoring is that of a community of school leaders, who feel supported and valued as professionals, and who work in schools where mentoring is part of the culture of the organisation

The Matching Process
CSL uses the database that it has built up around its mentors for matching the mentor with the mentee. The team looks at the specific strengths of the mentor their context and geographical location to identify a suitable mentee. CSL uses the application forms received from Misneach participants to assist in this process.
The Mentoring Relationship

After the initial meeting of the matched mentor and mentee, CSL recommends that there is a two-hour meeting scheduled per month. At the initial meeting, the times and venues for future meetings are planned. It is expected that the mentor and mentee should have a fortnightly contact by phone call/text, email or Skype/FaceTime.

At the end of the academic year, CSL provides the names of those on the mentoring programme to NAPD/IPPN so that they may organise Group Mentoring for principals in their second year of principalship. Data Protection procedures are adhered to in this process.

CSL is funded by the Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education and Skills (DES)
This service is managed by Clare Education Centre.