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Shauna Cathcart

Region(s) Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon

Qualifications and Affiliations

Diploma in Life and Business Coaching with The Irish Life Coach Institute, Dublin (2008).
Trained and accredited as a Leadership Coach by the Regional Training Unit (2011-2016) (Leadership Branch of Department of Education NI, now incorporated into Educational Authority NI).
2011 Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy PCI College Dublin (in association with Middlesex University)
Member of BACP Coaching Division. Membership

Experience in one to one coaching

Coach/Mentor for New Principals- Coach/ Mentor for Newly appointed Principals for Regional Training Unit in Northern Ireland. This involved building a coaching relationship over a two year period agreeing, supporting and evaluating progress on Coachee priorities such as :-Performance Management; Curriculum development; Raising standards; Dealing with Difficult Staff; Financial challenges; School Development Planning and Stress Management.
Coach for Aspiring School Leaders - coached participants in RTU Senior Leadership Training Programme (2010-2015). These participants were aspiring Senior Leaders and coaching was built into their training. As a facilitator and coach I supported these Middle Leaders to reflect on issues raised on the training programme and discern the implications for themselves, e.g. What is my leadership style? How assertive am I? How confident/effective am I at managing difficult situations? What is preventing me from taking effective action? How can I move forward?
Wellbeing Coach on Carecall/Inspire Programme ‘The Resilient Leader’ -I was lead facilitator on Carecall/Inspire’s new and innovative Programme ‘The Resilient Leader’ (2015-2016) This is a bespoke training programme with a Coaching element built in so Principals can avail of a reflective space for exploring current issues/ challenges relevant to their respective circumstances and school context . This targeted support was very well received by Principals as it offered valuable support for promoting their Wellbeing and building their Resilience on the job. Stress Management and Resilience Building are particular areas of specialism for me as a coach and I have travelled internationally to research these respective subjects in relation to both staff and pupil wellbeing
Senior Coach within my own school setting- I facilitated training and supervision of Senior Leadership Coaches within my own school setting (2013-2016).

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